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Sessions and Programs

Individual Sessions   |   Group Sessions   |   Corporate Sessions    |    Retreat Sessions

If you need more information about how I can help you, just drop me an email or reach out using the contact page, and then we can explore your options together.

I offer a range of options, from single sessions to programs running over several weeks, as well as a variety of payment options, including single session fees, multi-session fees which work out a bit cheaper, and a 3 month payment plan. Charity rates are available for registered charities. 

On this page you will find some more information about some options, but these are just broad outlines and can be adapted if needs be. Some programs are suitable for small groups, whether they be charity, private or corporate groups, so feel free to reach out with your requirements.

Have a look around and please contact me if you need any more information or if you have any questions.

Free Initial Video Call

Required for all face to face individual clients

After making initial contact with me, we can book a secure, encrypted video call (similar to Skype) for a free 25 minute no obligations chat. This will allow both of us to meet and briefly explore the issue you are facing. If we agree to continue, you will be asked to book the Initial Consultation. ** Webcam required.

Neon Hello
Foggy Pier

Initial Consultation

Required for all face to face individual clients

It is important to me that I understand where you have been, where you are now and where you want to be... so during this initial 90 minute face to face consultation we will do an in-depth exploration of all the details around the issue you are facing and decide on next steps, provisional number of sessions etc. If we agree to proceed, you will be asked to book the sessions as agreed.


Depending on the Initial Consultation and what we have agreed, you can book your single or multi-session appointments here.

Rock Balancing
Two Dried Leaves

Group Programs

  • 4 Session Stress Buster Program

  • 4 Session Free2Be Program

  • 8 Session Stress Buster and Free2Be Combo Program

  • 1 or 2 Day Stress Management and Well-being Workshop


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