• Ryno @ TMK

There are other ways...

Hi there beautiful person.

Here we are, almost middle of March already... days are getting longer again (yay!), and hopefully the storms that have been battering us over the last few weeks are blowing over, so to speak :)

Is there still a storm raging in your life that has not quite blown over yet? Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, stressed to the breaking point, or even tipping over the breaking point to hit rock bottom, it can be hard to reach out. I get that. I know!

Sometimes there is nothing more daunting than to pick up the phone. Or join that group that you know is going to help you move in the right direction. Sometimes the mere fact that you have to go to an unfamiliar place to sit and talk to a stranger, can be nerve racking. I get that. I know.

And right now we have the added complication of having to deal with the Covid19 virus as well!

Even though my Free2Be group events have now been scheduled throughout the year, I do offer that, and my StressBuster program on a one to one basis as well. If being in a group is not your cup of tea, that is perfectly ok.

If you feel like reaching out to me but you feel that you want to rather spend some time gathering your thoughts before contacting me, that is perfectly ok. Many, if not most, of my clients initiate contact with an email. If you are overwhelmed, sometimes the most easy conversation can feel difficult and the words just fail you. Write it down. You can email me, and I will email you back - and so our conversation can start :)

There is also always the option of doing some online work with me using a confidential, encrypted video conference.

There are many ways... you've got this!


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