• Ryno @ TMK


Hi there! Storm Ciara is raging outside!

She has already dismantled part of my fence. Wheelie bins and other loose items are scattered everywhere...

Fortunately storms pass. They always do. They cannot rage forever.

The wind will calm down, the sun will break through.

You know, sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of a storm. A storm that rages within due to a multitude of factors. Stress at work, problems at home, the nasty things we tell ourselves in the middle of the night when we can't stay asleep. Ah, those 3:30 am chats with mind, with random worries, concerns breaking down our (de)fences and self-deprecating thoughts flying about like my pieces of garden implements outside today!

But it will pass. Sometimes all by itself. Sometimes with a little external help. Sometimes with acceptance and a deeper understanding.

So if the storm is raging inside you, leaving you stressed and anxious, or feeling like there is no end in sight - you are not alone. And this too will pass.

And if you need help - I am here.

Until next time, stay safe and be kind to yourself, beautiful person.



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